I base my structures in the tradition I grew up in. This is a Sámi design tradition, based on improvisation. Whatever the need is, you’ll find a solution. This can be a fence, a storage, a repair, somewhere to dry reindeer hearts. The aesthetic outcome is a result of the material that is at hand, the knowledge and skills you have, and the knowledge and skills you don’t have, your neighbors’ knowledge, the landscape, the season. I try to tap into this material logic when I create my improvisations.

I never make any permanent changes. I don’t glue or screw or saw. As in the tradition I originate from, you never know the materials next life. It is a pole in a pier right now, but when we don’t need this pier, we might still need the pole. Don’t make it shorter, you never know when you’ll need a long stick.

From different series and exhibitions, all based in my work with material improvisation.

The work ” The Materials”, Lainio. Comissioned by Residence In Nature.